Production process


Sales orders are received and processed, production orders are computer generated.

The production orders are released.

The required materials are picked from our warehouse.

The labels are printed, using the bar codes on the production orders.

Materials and labels are brought to the buffer, waiting to be repacked.

Materials are packed into customized packaging.

After checking the goods, they are released for storage by scanning the bar code again.

The products are stored at Expedition, waiting to be picked for shipment

The products are picked from Expedition on the day of shipment and packed in boxes and/or on pallets.

The goods are being forwarded to the customer

ISO 9001:2015

AE Industries has been working under ISO 9001 worldwide standards for quality since 1996.

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Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Customer has no concern about stockkeeping.

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Customized packaging

AE delivers products customized packed in customer's very own package.

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Order Fulfillment

AE takes over all logistic activities from its customer.

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Final Sale

Check out the new items we have added. Some of these may come in handy, this time of year!

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Catalogue 2022 edition

Now available!

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