Seamless integration of a variety of services is what drives our business. And that calls for specialist expertise. Our highly qualified staff can help you get ahead and stay ahead across the board.

  • For quality throughout the entire customer liaising process
  • Product management team for product QA
  • Sales team to listen closely to customer needs
  • Logistics manager and warehouse team for the right products at the right time in the right packaging.
  • Graphics department to advise on custom packaging
  • Friendly accounting department for the right delivery and paperwork at the right time and place
  • Order confirmations within 24 hours

Graphics department

The customized labels/packaging are designed by our own graphics department. We can also use your pre-pressed labels/packaging.

You can specify the information on the label, for example:

Very recently we have purchased a new “state of the art” label printer, which offers you the possibility of having your labels printed in full color. 

AE Industries is your partner in customized packaging.


ISO 9001:2015

AE Industries has been working under ISO 9001 worldwide standards for quality since 1996.

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Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Customer has no concern about stockkeeping.

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Customized packaging

AE delivers products customized packed in customer's very own package.

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Order Fulfillment

AE takes over all logistic activities from its customer.

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Final Sale

Check out the new items we have added. Some of these may come in handy, this time of year!

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Catalogue 2022 edition

Now available!

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